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Use Levelset for Texas Monthly Notices

Send Escalation Docs

Texas Monthly Notices are a kind of hybrid between visibility and escalation documents. They’re not used as a warning like Notices of Intent to Lien, but they’re not sent at the beginning of a project like a preliminary notice. Depending on your role, and the type of project, you might be required to send a Two Month Notice, Three Month Notice, or both. Navigate the Texas requirements with confidence by utilizing Levelset’s invoice feature and our 2019 Texas Monthly Notice Calendar.

The first step is to add in the Texas project into your account. Click here to go over the steps to add in a project.

Instead of the first furnishing date, Texas Monthly Notices are triggered by invoice dates. Underneath your deadlines section, look for the Add Invoice button. 

Fill in the invoice date, the outstanding amount, status of payment, and retainage amount (if applicable). 

Interested in an easier way to keep invoices up-to-date? Check out the different options for Levelset integrations! We integrate with QuickBooks and can also import spreadsheets of A/R information.

After adding in all open invoices, you will then be able to review the different deadlines that you have approaching. Click on the Create Document button when ready to order. 

A lot of Levelset companies have found it to be beneficial to place document orders as early as possible with Texas. We do ask that you order documents at least 2-3 days before the deadline so we have time to process your notice.

Review the information that will appear on your document before placing your order. 

If you have any additional questions about Texas Monthly notice requirements, check out our Texas FAQs page or visit our Construction Legal Center.