Tired of Slow Payments?

quote All of our big accounts receivable problems are
from before we started using zlien. We wish
we would have started sooner.
Get Paid Faster

Vjera Thompson

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Make Payments Predictable

  • Be First in Line
    to Get Paid
  • Get Cash
    Flowing Smoothly
  • Get Everything
    Done Faster

Speed up payments by making sure your invoices are the first in the pile to get paid.

  • Protect payments and prioritize your invoices by sending notices on every job.

  • Generate and send documents with a click so you can protect every payment without wasting time on paperwork.

  • Know what to send and when with automatic requirement & deadline tracking.

Find out who you’re working with and open lines of communication to build stronger relationships and help payments flow smoothly.

  • Quickly and easily exchange notices and waivers online or on paper to keep everyone in the loop.

  • Communicate online with your customers and their customers, or your vendors and their vendors.

  • Connect to millions of project records across the country to see who else is on your job.

Make your process more efficient so you have time to focus on taking on more jobs and bigger jobs. Stop chasing late invoices and start getting ahead of payments so you can invest in your business.

  • Accept more jobs with confidence knowing you have a strong security procedure in place to minimize risk.

  • Save time spent on lien rights & paperwork so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Get insights into your customers to identify which companies pay slowly so you can make smarter credit decisions.


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