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quote The zlien crew has truly taken a load off of my plate. I would definitely use them again and we'll be using them prior to starting any more contracts. I give them an A+.
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Get it right, every time, with no stress.

  • Stop Juggling Paperwork
  • Everything in One Place
  • Ditch the Spreadsheets

Simplify waivers, notices, and all your payment paperwork. Stop printing, scanning, mailing, faxing, and emailing paperwork. Manage all your documents online in a simple platform so you can save time and stay organized.

  • Generate and send legally compliant waivers, notices, liens, pay apps, and more with a few clicks.

  • Fill in your data gaps with zlien’s JobSight research so every doc contains the right information and is sent to the right person.

  • Send notices and waivers electronically for faster exchanges and increased visibility into document status and tracking.

Receive and organize all your documents in one place so you can easily manage your job’s PayChain, take next steps, and stay on top of your jobs & payments.

  • Collect all paperwork in one place whether you receive documents by email, snail mail, fax, or any other medium.

  • Comment on documents online to instantly communicate with other parties on the job about payments and job information.

  • Organize all your job and contact info in one place so you don’t have to jump between spreadsheets and softwares.

Get alerts of what documents to send and when so you can skip the hassle of researching requirements and the time-consuming task of keeping track of job dates & document deadlines.

  • Save time with zlien’s deadline tracking. Just enter job info, and get alerted when notices and other documents should be sent.

  • Get concrete suggestions of other participants on your jobs so you know where to send notices & waivers.

  • Automate paperwork processing so save time and improve accuracy.


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