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Calculate your deadline to file a Last Resort Doc

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If you’ve tried other methods of collecting payment and are still chasing your money, you may need to file a Last Resort Doc to secure your interest in the property and recover payment owed. These documents are powerful tools. Each state has a strict deadlines for how long project participants have to file a lien or bond claim after work is finished on the job site. The deadline to file a claim is usually based on  your last furnishing date on site or the date that the project as a whole wrapped up. In certain states, your timeframe to file a lien can be shortened if the property owner files a Notice of Completion or Cessation on the project (read more here). It is always best practice to remain aware of your deadlines to file claims and not wait until the deadline is upon you to take action.

To calculate your deadline to file a Last Resort Doc, pull up the project in zlien (type the project name or project number in the search bar at  the top of the page) and find the Deadlines section of the project summary page. Locate the Lien, Bond Claim, or Stop Notice deadline section.


Enter the trigger date zlien is asking for. In most cases, this will be your Date Labor or Materials Last Delivered. In some states like California or Arizona, your lien claim deadline is calculated from the Date of Substantial Completion (which is the date the project as a whole was completed). If you don’t know this date, you can use whatever dates you do know (usually your company’s Date Labor or Materials Last Delivered) to conservatively estimate a deadline.

Remember that you can click the blue deadline to get more information about the deadline and requirements.