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Set up automated workflows


Levelset allows you to fully or partially automate the ordering of documents in Levelset based on custom workflows. Workflows allow you to pull high priority documents into a single place in your account called the Queue where they can be ordered, snoozed, or cancelled from going out.

Click on the Settings gears icon in the top right corner of your Levelset Dashboard. Click Document Settings and then the green Workflow Settings button. You will be redirected to the Classic version of Levelset.

On the left of the screen, select the type of document you’re interesting in pulling into the Queue:

  1. Preliminary Notices
  2. Monthly Preliminary Notices (Texas, Tennessee and Louisiana)
  3. Notices of Intent to Lien
  4. Mechanics Lien

To edit an existing workflow, click on the button Edit. To create a new workflow, click Add New.

Select how you would like documents to be ordered:

  1. Automatically once they meet Queue criteria
  2. Automatically after a certain review period unless removed from Queue (also called an Opt Out workflow)
  3. Process items that are manually approved only (also called an Opt-In workflow)

If you select options two or three, you will be asked to set a review period, which is the amount of time that you would like an item to remain in the Queue once it meets criteria. Depending on the type of workflow you set up, items in the Queue will be automatically ordered or cancelled at the end of the review period.

Helpful Hint: We recommend at least an 8 day review period to give your team a full week to review documents in the Queue.

Click Next and select filters to determine which projects this workflow will apply to. Your workflow will apply to any project that satisfies all 4 of the filters you choose:

  1. The state the project is located in
  2. The project type
  3. The line of business of the project (select Default if you only have one line of business)
  4. The business location of the project (select Default if you only have one location)

Click Next and select the conditions that will drive items into the workflow. How many days prior to the deadline would you like to see this item in the queue? How many days should the invoice be past due before a document is driven to the queue? What is the minimum outstanding amount you would like to set as a threshold for items pulled into the queue?

You can also select if you would like to see voluntary documents in addition to required documents.