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Sync Your RedTeam Account with zlien


Integrate zlien with your your RedTeam account to save time on data entry and ensure up-to-date, consistent project information across different platforms.

Ensure that you are logged into both your zlien and RedTeam account. From the “Apps” tab in your RedTeam account, find zlien on your list of apps and click Connect.

You may be prompted to click “Connect” more than once.

A zlien pop-up window will appear stating “An application would like to connect to your account.” Select Allow to confirm the connection.

Helpful Hint: This confirmation pop-up window will prompt you to log into your zlien account if you have not already done so.

To import your projects from your RedTeam account into zlien, navigate to the “Projects” tab in your RedTeam account and click the project name of the job you would like to import into zlien.

Helpful Hint: Many RedTeam users will choose to import projects that show a status of “Request.”

From the project page, navigate to the “Scope” tab (top of the page) then click the Edit button in the “Details” section.

Scroll down to the “zlien Preferences” section. Ensure the “Send Project to zlien” box is checked off and the Project State, Type, your company’s role on the project and your customer’s role on the project are all selected in the drop-down menues.

Helpful Hint:  Project state, type, role, and customer’s role all affect the rules surrounding securing one’s lien rights. It is important to have these fields accurately selected before they are imported into zlien.

Click the Save button to edit the scope description and complete the import of this job into zlien.