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Sync Your QuickBooks Online Account with Levelset


Click on the Settings gear icon at the top right corner of your dashboard and select Integrations and Partners.

Hover over Quickbooks Online integration and click Install.

Choose how projects in Levelset should link to your records in QuickBooks, depending how you organize projects in QuickBooks. Do you use customers or sub-customers to track separate construction projects in QuickBooks?

Select your Project Settings.

If we create a new project in Levelset using a record imported from QuickBooks, we will use these Project Settings to set up the project.

Select your Furnishing Date Preferences. Many states determine your notice and lien claim deadlines based on your first and last furnishing dates to construction projects. These dates can be updated manually in Levelset or you can choose to auto-populate your first/last furnishing dates with your first/last invoice dates. When you are done, click Connect QuickBooks.

Helpful Hint: This is a good idea if your team doesn’t have time to manually update furnishing dates in Levelset. While your invoice dates may not precisely match your project dates, they can serve as a good approximation, allowing you to calculate rough timelines and get a sense of important upcoming deadlines on all your projects. You can always manually edit a date to be more exact if there is a particular deadline you are watching closely.

Sign into your QuickBooks Online account and authorize data sharing.

Return to Integrations and Partners to view all synced data.

Start linking QuickBooks Online projects with Levelset projects. Hover over any project synced from QuickBooks and click the green Link button. If the ship-to address from QuickBooks matches a project address already in Levelset, it will suggest linking the two projects. If the ship-to address in QuickBooks does not match any project address in your Levelset account, it will suggest creating a new project using the data from QuickBooks.

Helpful Hint: This is a fast way to add new projects to your account and reduce double data entry!

Once a QuickBooks project is linked to a Levelset project, invoices and any other preferred data from QuickBooks will automatically update your projects in Levelset on a daily basis.

Your QuickBooks Online account will automatically sync with Levelset every night. You can also initiate a sync at anytime by going to Settings > Integrations and Partners > click Sync invoices on imported projects underneath QuickBooks Online.