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Request pay apps through Levelset

Exchange Waivers

Send electronic pay app requests to subs and suppliers through Levelset to facilitate faster exchanges and keep all your reporting in one place.

Hover over the Create button in the blue navigation menu on the left side of your screen, and click Document/Waiver from the dropdown.

Hover over Payment Application and click the +Request button.

Associate the pay app with an existing project in Levelset or add a new project to your account.

Check the box (on the right) for each sub and supplier you want to send the pay app to. If anyone is missing from the list of contacts, click Add somebody else below and enter their contact information, then save them as a contact and check the box next to their name.

Click the Next button until you get to the step where a PDF preview of the pay app loads. Fill in information that will appear on the pay app or leave the fields blank for the pay app recipient to complete, then click Next.

If you want your subs and suppliers to upload supporting documentation such as a Schedule of Values or Certificate of Insurance to the pay app, click the Require button for each document, then click Next.

On the final step, make sure your recipients have email addresses associated with them, then click Start Document to email the requests to everyone.

Helpful Hint: You can track all your pay app requests by going to Documents > selecting the Requests tab at the top of the screen. If you want to leave a comment on a pay app and send an email message to the recipient, you can do so by opening up the pay app slider view and leaving a message under the Comments section.

When the recipient completes your pay app electronically, it will be sent back to your Levelset Inbox where it can be saved to the project.