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How to Collect & Receive Documents To Your Inbox

Exchange Waivers

Option 1

Every zlien user has their own unique Document Inbox email address. Login to your account, click the Settings gear icon in the top right corner of the screen, and go to My Profile to see your Document Inbox email address. This address can be customized at any time.

Anyone (including you, your suppliers, your subs, or your customer) can send or forward an email with a document attachment to your zlien Inbox email address. The email and its attachments will show up in your zlien account at the top of your Document Inbox as an unread item.

Option 2

If you have a document saved on your computer as a PDF file, you can upload the file straight to your Inbox. Go to Inbox, click the Upload File button in the top right, and select a PDF document. You can even drag and drop multiple files at once.

Click Done when you are finished uploading.