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How to fulfill document requests sent through Levelset

Exchange Waivers

Have you received a document request from someone using Levelset? If so, this means a stakeholder on your construction project is using Levelset to simplify paperwork and speed up payment. This is great news for you, because it means your payment paperwork will be a breeze on this job!

You’ll receive an email from the requesting party, with the subject “[Requesting Company Name] has requested a lien waiver from you.”

Open the email and click Fill It Out to see and complete the request.

You will be redirected to a landing page, where you can see the document, make comments to the requesting party, and click Fill It Out in the top right corner of the page to complete the request.

Helpful Hint: If the document requested was a Preliminary Notice, this means the requesting party wants more information about your role on the project. (Read more here: Why General Contractors and Owners Love to Receive Preliminary Notices). You can pay $19/recipient to have Levelset prepare the document and mail it for you according to statutory mailing requirements. If you prefer to handle document preparation and mailing on your own, you can download a free form for your state here.

Provide all requested information on the waiver including an electronic signature. When you’re ready to submit the completed document, click the green Create Document button on the last step.

Helpful Hint: If the document needs to be notarized, you will be prompted to print the document, get it notarized offline, and upload the document back to the landing page. Click here to learn more about the different types of waivers and when notarization is required.

The completed document will be sent back electronically to the requestor, and there’s nothing else you need to do! It’s as easy as that.

You will see a confirmation message with the option to print the document for your own records or save it to a free Levelset account if you want to store your documents online.