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Complete pay apps through your Levelset account

Exchange Waivers

Use your Levelset account to fill out pay apps and send them electronically to get paid faster.

There are two ways you can complete pay apps through your Levelset account. You can either complete pay app requests electronically through your Inbox, or you can create a new pay app document and send it by email to get paid.

If you received a pay app request from another Levelset customer, the pay app will be in your Inbox. Hover over the pay app, click the green three-dot menu to the right of the View button, and select Fill it out from the mini dropdown menu. Walk through the steps to fill out all required information, apply an electronic signature, and click Start Document at the end to send it back to the requestor.

If you need to create a new pay app document, go to the Start button in the blue navigation menu on the left, and select Document from the dropdown.

Hover over Payment Application and select the +Start button.

Associate the pay app with an existing project in Levelset or add a new project to your account.

Fill out all required fields for the payment application, then click Next.

Helpful Hint: If you need to get the pay app notarized, check off the Include Notary Acknowledgement option above the PDF preview of the document. This will add a notary block to the bottom of the document for you to print.

Upload any supporting documentation, such as a Schedule of Values or Certificate of Insurance, that you want to include with your pay app. Then click Next.

On the final step, make sure the person you are sending the document to has an email address entered into Levelset, then click Start Document. This will email the document(s) with your electronic signature to your desired recipient.