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Build Custom Lien Waiver/Payment Application Templates in Levelset

Exchange Waivers

The first step is to click on the Documents tab in the blue navigation menu on the left of the screen.

At the top of the page click the gray Templates tab. You can edit existing templates or click New Template toward the right side. From there select if this template is for a lien waiver or payment application.

Give your template a recognizable name to help you locate it later on. You have the option to require a notary block on the template, or assign it to specific states, projects types, or types of payments.

Lower on the screen you’ll find a word document. You have full control over editing the words and layout. Any fields highlighted in yellow are dynamic placeholders that will populate with custom information for each project.

Towards the right of the screen you’ll find a menu of placeholder options that you can drag and drop into place on your template.

Click Save when you are finished. 

If there is a placeholder that you would like but don’t see, feel free to click on the Feedback button at the bottom left of your screen. These messages go straight to our Product Team. 

Whenever you are ready to use the custom template, go through the steps of generating a waiver or pay app. After selecting what type of waiver/pay app you need, a document preview will load on Step 4. There will be a Templates dropdown menu above the PDF preview.  Click on the Templates dropdown menu and select which custom template you would like to use.