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Add Project Deadlines

Getting Started

Pull up any project using the search bar at the top of the page, or go to the Projects tab and click View on the project for which you would like to add a date.

Under the Deadlines section of the project summary page, Levelset will ask for specific dates that trigger your required deadlines based on the state you’re working in, your role on the project, and the project type. Fill in as many of these dates as you know.

If you would like to add in a date that is not required, simply click on the green plus mark in the top right corner and select Add Date.

Deadlines that have passed will automatically be filtered out. To see all deadlines, including expired ones, click on Upcoming in the top right corner of the Deadlines section. From there you can select to see All or Expired deadlines.

Click on the document deadline to get more information about the document and the rules in the state where you’re working.

Remember, these deadlines are for statutorily required documents only. There may be other best practice documents that you wish to send through Levelset that do not have deadlines. In that case, click the green plus sign in the top right corner of the project summary page, choose Start Document / Waiver, and simply choose which document you’d like to send from the list.