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Add Project Invoices

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You are now able to separate your financial information across two functions: Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable. This is a great tool to keep your lien waivers organized for your company and with vendors.

Go to the project summary page for the project that you would like to update the invoices.

Select if this is for Accounts Receivable (AR) or Accounts Payable (AP).

Accounts Receivable (AR) are invoice amounts that are owed to you. Accounts Payable (AP) are bills that you are responsible for paying.

In the AR tab, add receivable invoices by clicking +Add Invoice on the right. In the AP tab, add payable invoices by clicking +Add Bill on the right. After an invoice or bill has been added, you can edit these amounts by choosing Edit from the drop-down menu under Status.

When adding an individual invoice, you can assign the amount, status of payment, and retainage, and also upload a copy of the invoice.

Bulk import your invoices by choosing Data Importing in Settings.