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Calculate Your Deadline to Send a Visibility Doc

Send Visibility Docs

Many states require contractors and suppliers to send a visibility document at the start of work on a job site in order to preserve their right to file a mechanics lien if they’re not paid.

Document requirements and the deadline to send these documents vary state-to-state. It’s important to adhere to state requirements and not miss any deadlines in order to maintain lien rights.

Deadlines to send visibility notices are usually calculated from the first day you furnish labor or materials to the job site. The deadline to send a notice usually falls soon after you start work and sometimes before you’ve even sent an invoice. For this reason most companies choose to be proactive and send these visibility notices on every single project as insurance for their payment.

Too many companies come to Levelset hoping to file a lien to get paid, only to find out they missed a deadline to secure lien rights. That’s why our platform features a simple, proactive Deadline Tracking tool to tell you exactly which documents you’re required to send and when you need to send them in order to remain in a position where you can get paid.

Navigate to any project page. From this page, you can calculate all of your deadlines for securing lien rights, filing a claim, and following up on a filed claim.

Under the Deadlines section of the project summary page, Levelset will ask for specific dates that calculate your required deadlines to secure lien rights.

These deadlines will calculate based on the state where you’re working, your role on the project, and the type of project you’re working on.

Helpful Hint: Deadlines that have expired will be filtered out by default. To see all deadlines, including expired ones, reset the filter from Upcoming (in the top right corner of the Deadlines section) to see All deadlines.

Click here for more information on what to do if you missed your notice deadline.

Click on the document deadline to get more information about the document and the rules in the state where you’re working.

Helpful Hint: These deadlines are for statutorily required documents only. There may be other best practice documents that you wish to send through Levelset that do not have deadlines because they are voluntary.

If you don’t see a place to calculate a preliminary notice deadline on your project, you likely don’t have a notice requirement based on the state where you’re working, your role on the project, and the type of project you’re working on. Click here to look up requirements in the states where you operate.

If you’re working in a state without a required preliminary notice, you can still send a visibility document! In the project page, simply click the button on the right that says “Let others know you’re on the job” to create a Project Awareness Letter. Click here to read more about Project Awareness Letters and why to send them.