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Preliminary Notices

Mechanics Lien Lawyer

There was a problem in the construction industry. Liens and other security instruments were technically available to protect subcontractors and suppliers against payment abuse and onerous contract terms, but they weren’t practically available. General contractors, owners, and lenders had certain abilities to avoid lien claim exposure, but generally were forced to rely on risk-shifting practices and exerting their leverage over other participants. Construction payment wasn’t fair. The notice, lien, and waiver process, despite existing to make construction payment fair, is riddled with complicated requirements and deadlines that have made it difficult to use as intended. The existing industry of “lien and notice services” or “lien tracking technology” lacked legal leadership, thorough offerings, and workable software, and lawyers are expensive and unwilling or unable to handle notice work for large companies.

zlien is neither a “lien and notice service” nor a law firm. It is a software platform founded by construction attorneys to make construction payment fair by making the notice, lien, and waiver process transparent and accessible to all parties on all projects. zlien’s is proud of the integrity of its software, forms, and processes and believes its users are empowered to control their rights as they never have before.

zlien’s current management team is comprised of construction lawyers, credit management experts, and technology engineers. Our industry-leading blog (The Construction Payment Blog), and all of our white papers, eBooks, downloadable forms, guides, and presentations are generated or curated by licensed attorneys.