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Mechanics Lien FAQ by State

Click on a state to view the Mechanics Lien frequently asked questions.

Mechanics Lien Deadline Heat Map

Full Price or Unpaid Balance Liens

Lien Deadline Calculation Rules

Supplier to Suppliers Lien Rights

Which States Prohibit Waiving Lien Rights

  • Lien rights cannot be waived

  • Lien rights can be waived

  • No explicit law

  • Law is conflicting

  • Suppliers to suppliers likely do not have rights

  • Suppliers to suppliers likely have rights

  • Suppliers to suppliers likely may have rights

  • Lien deadlines calculated from your last furnishing

  • Lien deadlines calculated from project's completion

  • Lien deadlines calculated in some combination

  • 90 days / 3 Months or less (WV 100 days, HI 45 days)

  • 180 days / 6 months (CO 4 Months, NH, ME 120 days)

  • 1 year

  • 2 years (IL 4 Months super priority)

  • 6 years

  • Full Price

  • Unpaid Balance

  • Special Rules

Mechanics Lien Forms

Why File a Mechanics Lien

  • Are you getting slow-paid?

  • Are your accounts receivables spiraling out of control?

  • Is someone making up a dispute about your work to avoid payment?

  • Are you unpaid because your customer can’t get paid from the owner?

Getting paid in the construction industry can be tough, but you’re in the business of doing or supplying to construction work, not financing construction projects.

When it’s time to file a mechanics lien, trust the leaders in liens: zlien. You can use our industry leading technology to make your claim in minutes.

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Will a Mechanics Lien Work?

Mechanics lien claims are the most effective collections remedy for contractors and material providers, and they were invented for that specific reason. These claims have been around for over 200 years, invented by Thomas Jefferson for the express purpose of protecting those who provide work and materials against non-payment.

Mechanics lien claims are so effective because they create so many avenues for payment. We explored 17 ways that mechanics lien claims work to get contractors and suppliers paid in the presentation: 17 Ways A Mechanics Lien Works to Get You Paid. Here are a few ways explored in that presentation:

  • Liens get more skin in the game.

  • Liens freeze construction project funds.

  • Liens turn the job site into collateral for your debt.

  • Liens stop the property from being sold or transferred.

  • Liens create contractual problems for other parties.

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paid within 60 days of filing

Success Stories

Texas Four Architects
Leveraged zlien To Get What They Earned

"After many attempts to personally collect from our client, we decided to place a Mechanics Lien on his property. We were amazed a the quick response from zlien and also the quick payment of the lien from our client. We were very pleased with the zlien service and would use them again, if necessary."

Texas Four Architects, an architectural firm in Houston and Austin, got fed up when... by a non-paying customer. Emails, phone calls, repeatedly sending the aging invoice all didn’t work. It became clear that the customer simply wasn’t prioritizing the invoice, and if nothing changed, the invoice would just age into perpetuity. The company decided to leverage their mechanics lien rights, and they choose zlien’s technology to empower them to get what they earned.

Cathy Hillery of Texas Four Architects praises two elements of zlien’s technology. First, the customer service and quick response from zlien. Second, and more importantly, by the client’s quick response to the lien and payment.
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Lab Crafters Grabbed The
Non-Paying Customers Attention Fast

"We prepared our lien and sent a copy to the Owner of the project asking where we should send the Intent to Lien and before we knew it we had been contacted by our customer wanting to settle the account. Lien never had to be served."

Lab Crafters, Inc., a manufacturer of precision manufactured steel furniture and fume hoods based in Long Island, New York, made multiple attempts to get paid on an open... invoice. Of course, this would be the case, as a mechanics lien is never the first collection attempt on a debt. Nevertheless, the customer’s failure to pay and respond to the staff at Lab Crafters motivated them to move forward with a mechanic’s lien.

The result was stunning. A customer who previously ignored collection attempts turned around full payment before the mechanics lien even needed to be served. As Andrea Savino of Lab Crafters tells the story, they simply contacted the owner asking where the lien should be served, and presto, the customer contacted them wanting to settle the account.
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zlien Gives Bottom Line
Equipment the Power of the Mechanics Lien

Bottom Line Equipment is a Louisiana-based regional renter of heavy machinery equipment. They are a quickly growing company, appearing on the Inc. 5000 list for four straight years (2009-2012), and recognized by New Orleans CityBusiness as the #1 Fastest Growing Company in the metro area. Handling their volume of rental contracts requires a lot of logistics, and when an invoice isn’t paid, they need to power of the mechanics lien to secure that debt and get cash from their customer or up the contracting chain....

zlien’s technology empowers Bottom Line Equipment to take advantage of the mechanic lien’s leverage, enabling them to get a lien on a project placed fast with a few mouse clicks.  It’s why they’ve successfully filed mechanic liens using zlien since 2008.
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