Mechanics Lien Form

Instrument Prepared By
And Recording Requested By:
















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State of Alaska

Recording District

The Claimant (Name and Address)






The Property Owner or Reputed Owner (Name and Address)









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Claim of Lien

A.S. § 34.35.070

Claimant: &(Name and Address)





Property Owner: &(Name and Address)





The party who hired the Claimant to perform the Services at the Property is (the “Hiring Party”): &(Name and Address)










Claimant has furnished labor, services, equipment or materials, of the following general description:



The Property
Property Address where labor, services, equipment or materials are furnished or to be furnished (“Property”)




Legal Description:




Total Contract Price: $

Amount Due: $

Amount Due: $

Last Date of Furnishing Services:


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: That the above identified Claimant hereby claims a lien upon the above-identified real property (Property), in the ________________ Recording District. The name and address of the of the Claimant, Property Owner and Hiring Party are all above-identified, as are the Services provided by the Claimant to the Property.

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The contract price for the Services was $____________, on which there remains due and owing the sum of $_____________, plus interest. That ninety (90) days has not elapsed since the Claimant last furnished its Services, as the date said Services were last furnished was on ______________, and that these Services were actually used in the construction of the improvements located thereon.

WHEREFORE, the Claimant claims a lien on the above-described Property in the sum of $_________________, together with interest from _________________, plus legal fees for preparing this lien, and for recording the lien.



The Lien Claimant

Signed by:







_______________________________, being first duly sworn, deposes and says: That s/he has read the foregoing document and knows the contents thereof to be true and correct to the best of her/his knowledge and belief.


Subscribed and sworn to or affirmed before me, Notary Public, on the _____ day of _________________, 20____


Notary Public

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After Recording,
The Lien Claimant:





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