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Why File A Mechanics Lien?

  • Are you being slow-paid?
  • Is someone making up a dispute about your work to avoid payment?
  • Are you unpaid because your customer can’t get paid from the owner?

Getting paid in the construction industry can be tough, but you’re in the business of doing or supplying to construction work, not financing construction projects.

When it’s time to file a mechanics lien, trust the leaders in liens: zlien. You can use our industry leading technology to make your claim in minutes.

Will A Mechanics Lien Work?

We get hundreds of liens paid every week for contractors just like you.  Now it’s your turn.

When you file a mechanics lien, you are using the most effective collections remedy available to you. Construction liens are so effective  because they create so many avenues for payment. Here are 17 different ways lien claims work to get you paid, such as:

  • Liens freeze construction project funds.
  • Liens turn the job site into your collateral
  • Liens stop the property from being sold, financed, or transferred.
  • Liens create contractual problems for other parties.

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1. Answer a few simple questions about your job and the money owed to you. This will take 10 minutes or less.
2. Your document is assembled and filed with the appropriate recording office. All filing fees are paid for you, and a copy of the lien is served on the property owner.
3. You get paid. You'll get a copy of the final recorded lien from us. Then, just work out with the owner, lender, or other contractors to get paid and collect on your lien.

What is a Mechanics Lien?

Mechanic liens (also called construction liens or property liens) can be filed by anyone who works on or suppliers materials or equipment to a construction job, and hasn’t been paid in full.  If you did work on a construction job, or supplied materials to a job, or rented equipment to a job, and haven’t been paid, then you’re a perfect candidate to file a mechanics lien.  Filing a mechanics lien is a very effective way to get your open invoices and pay applications paid; and fast.

The history of the mechanics lien is very interesting and can be traced all the way back to Thomas Jefferson. If you care to know more about where the lien comes from and why it exists, read this article:  A Short History of the Mechanics Lien.

It’s no secret that getting paid in the construction industry is tough.  In fact, the average payment cycle in construction takes 73 days!, which is the longest of any industry across the world.  And since so many stakeholders are involved, making payment and receiving payment is quite risky.

In response to all of this delay, difficulty, and risk, the mechanics lien exists to protect everyone on a job who is owed money. Ultimately, the mechanics lien right is there to make certain that anyone who works on or supplies to a job is paid, no matter what.

So if you want to get paid on a construction job no matter what, then you want to get familiar with mechanic lien claims. Generally speaking, the following is true about mechanics lien rights and filing a mechanics lien claim:

1.  Send A Notice At The Start of Work:  At the very start of your job, you’ll want to and likely need to send a preliminary notice.

2.  File Your Lien Quickly / On-Time:  You only have so long to file a mechanics lien.  Make sure you get yours filed within the filing window.  The easiest way to file your mechanics lien is to do it online through zlien’s online filing form.

3.  You’ll likely get paid fairly quickly:  Our research shows that most liens get paid quite quickly…within just 20 days!

The Mechanics Lien Process in 3 Simple Steps


Download The Mechanics Lien Process in 3 Simple Steps

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  • If you're unpaid on a construction project, a Mechanic's Lien is an effective way to get paid. In most states, the filing of a mechanics lien prevents the owner from selling, refinancing or transferring property.
  • Every situation is different, but filing a lien is generally the right thing to do if you're owed money on a construction job. Even if you think you may ultimately get paid, it's a best practice to file a lien when unpaid.
  • The standard processing time is 2 – 5 business days after you've submitted your order. If you rushed your order, the rush processing time is 1 business day.
  • This is a difficult question. Generally, anyone who worked on or supplied materials to a construction job has a right to file a lien, but there may be other qualifications. Browse our FAQs, or ask your legal question on our Legal Center.
  • After the lien is filed and served, you'll want to followup with the project stakeholders to request payment. Read more at What To Do After You File A Mechanics Lien.

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    Put your mechanics lien rights in your control. Our free frequently asked questions, forms, and resources are used by more than 100,000 contractors just like you every month. Click on your state to view the applicable Mechanics Lien frequently asked questions.

    • 90 days / 3 Months or less
      (WV 100 days, HI 45 days)
    • 180 days / 6 months
      (CO 4 Months, NH, ME 120 days)
    • 1 year
    • 2 years (IL 4 Months super priority)
    • 6 years

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    How to File a Mechanics Lien?

    Download The Mechanics Lien Process in 3 Simple Steps

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    We'll Help You Resolve Lien Claims
    Before The Lien Is Filed!

    electronic liens and alerts

    We are here to make payments faster and easier. Liens should only be filed in a worst case scenario.

    Our research shows that most mechanic lien claims are resolved in less than 20 days! That's because most liens are a surprise to the owners and general contractors, and a lien filing calls their attention to a payment problem they may not know about.

    Instead of letting the lien claim wreck havoc on industry relationships and take days or weeks to make its way through a filing process, get everyone on the same page immediately and get the payment issue resolved!

    Sometimes communication is all it takes to resolve payment issues before formally filing a mechanics lien. With that in mind, the zlien team created the Lien Resolution Center.

    1. Submit a lien for filing

    2. All stakeholders get electronically notified and invited into the "Resolution Center" to take care of the claim before it is filed

    3. Avoid filing the lien. Get the payment done faster. Everyone is happy.


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    Not Quite Ready to File Your Lien?

    Notice of Intent to Lien

    Send a final warning in an attempt to secure payment before filing a lien.

    Lien Resolution Center

    Communication can work wonders when it comes to getting paid. We've made it easy to collaborate with others on projects to prompt payment.

    But Beware, the Clock is Ticking...

    The timeframe to file a lien is limited. Using our free Lien Deadline Calculator, find out exactly how long you have before losing your right to lien.

    Filing A Mechanics Lien is Affordable & Easy with zlien

    When you use zlien to file your mechanics lien, you'll get a time-consuming and technical task completely off your plate, and you'll be confident that the job is done and done right.