Mechanics Lien

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  • 90 days / 3 Months or less
    (WV 100 days, HI 45 days)
  • 180 days / 6 months
    (CO 4 Months, NH, ME 120 days)
  • 1 year
  • 2 years (IL 4 Months super priority)
  • 6 years

Mechanics Lien Forms


Why File a Mechanics Lien

of our clients recommend us to others in the industry
  • Are you getting slow-paid?
  • Are your accounts receivables spiraling out of control?
  • Is someone making up a dispute about your work to avoid payment?
  • Are you unpaid because your customer can’t get paid from the owner?

Getting paid in the construction industry can be tough, but you’re in the business of doing or supplying to construction work, not financing construction projects.

When it’s time to file a mechanics lien, trust the leaders in liens: zlien. You can use our industry leading technology to make your claim in minutes.

How to File a Mechanics Lien


Will a Mechanics Lien Work?

of our lien and bond claims are paid within 60 days of filing

Mechanics lien claims are the most effective collections remedy for contractors and material providers, and they were invented for that specific reason. These claims have been around for over 200 years, invented by Thomas Jefferson for the express purpose of protecting those who provide work and materials against non-payment.

Mechanics lien claims are so effective because they create so many avenues for payment. We explored 17 ways that mechanics lien claims work to get contractors and suppliers paid in the presentation: 17 Ways A Mechanics Lien Works to Get You Paid. Here are a few ways explored in that presentation:

  • Liens get more skin in the game.
  • Liens freeze construction project funds.
  • Liens turn the job site into collateral for your debt.
  • Liens stop the property from being sold or transferred.
  • Liens create contractual problems for other parties.

Why zlien’s Mechanics Liens?