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Lien Cancellation

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Lien Cancellations and Releases can be a thorny and dangerous instrument, and unexpectedly so. Some states require that claimants release a lien after the claim has been satisfied or upon request, though most lien cancellations are filed by the claimant voluntarily and in exchange for payment or a promise of payment.

The fact, however, is that the exchange of money for a release is delicate. Claimants want the money before a release, and owners, lenders, or general contractors want the release before the money. What to do?

Your payment and security is zlien’s top priority. You can leverage our technology and service to make this exchange seamless and to get money in your pocket quickly.

It is also important to note that a lien release or lien cancellation is not the same thing as a lien waiver, which is sometimes called a 'waiver and release'. A lien cancellation removes a filed lien from the property's title, whereas a lien waiver is used to waive lien rights before a claim is filed.

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Cancel Liens Quickly

  • All Cancellation Orders Given Top Priority
  • Qualified eRecorder in over 900 Counties
  • Access to pre-recorded document to deliver up the chain
  • Same day turnaround available in most counties

We know how important it is to have your claim cancelled fast, because you’re likely waiting on the cancellation document to get recorded to get paid yourself. That’s why zlien puts all cancellation orders at the top of our order list at all times, meaning you cancellation gets processed as immediately as possible.

zlien is also an authorized e-submitter in over 500 counties, meaning we can electronically record your lien claim release or cancellation with the appropriate clerk in most cases. When you’re in a county that accepts electronic recording, we can have your lien cancelled in a matter of hours, sometimes on the same day you ordered it.

It’s zlien’s mission to empower companies to get what they earned, and when money is on the table, that means pushing the lien cancellation through the order queue to enable your company to take advantage of that. That’s why zlien is trusted by thousands of contractors and suppliers across the nation to secure billions in receivables every year.


Cancel Liens Safely

  • Professional third party handling comforts owners, lenders, GCs
  • Fast turnaround encourages payment quickly
  • Escrow services available to assist in contentious situations
  • Access to pre-recorded document to deliver up the chain

When payment is offered to your company after a lien or bond claim filing, a commonplace Catch-22 is created.

The claimant will (rightfully) demand payment prior to cancellation. The owner, lender or GC will demand cancellation prior to payment. It is for this reason that the lien cancellation and release process can be thorny and dangerous.

Don’t let the promise of payment convince you to cancel your lien claim, as you are only required to do this after receiving payment. However, do leverage the technology and services of zlien to make all parties comfortable and to seamlessly exchange the cancellation for the release.

Turning your lien cancellation over to a third party like zlien gives comfort to the owners, lenders, GCs, and other project participants that the claim will be cancelled, and promotes faster payment. Further, once the payment is made, the cancellation can be made quickly to close out the project. And finally, for the most contentious situations, escrowing services can be employed to safely exchange payment for cancellation.


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