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Set Up Your zlien Account

Getting Started

After you sign up for a zlien subscription, look for an email from noreply@zlien.com with the subject line “Verify your zlien login.” Click the link in that email to continue account setup.

Helpful Hint: If you don’t see this email in your Inbox, check your junk mail! You can also click Login in the top right corner of our homepage, use the Forgot? button to set up your password, and then login.

zlien will walk you through a series of steps to create your password, set up your e-signature that will appear on notices and liens, and choose your contact preferences.

When you’re ready, add your first project into the zlien platform! Check out our tutorial on How to Add a Project.


Go to Settings (click the gray gear icon, top right corner of the page) and choose Company and Users from the dropdown menu to take care of these items. Click Add User. Make sure they’re associated with all locations and lines of business if they need to see all projects in zlien.



Lines of Business are optional, but they save you time when adding projects to zlien by letting you set defaults for your project role, customer role, project type, and description of work. You can set up multiple lines of business if you want to segment your projects in zlien for reporting purposes.



Does your company have multiple company names, addresses, DBAs, or branches? Set up multiple locations in zlien to allow you to segment projects by unique location and customize the company info that appears on your documents.

(Optional) Use the Alternative Name field to customize the company name that will appear on your documents. The “Alternative Name” will only appear on external documents; the “Location Name” will be used internally in zlien and on external documents if the Alternative Name field is left blank

(Optional) Customize whose signature appears on your documents by selecting a Location Document Signer.

(Optional) Customize the Location Message to apply a custom message to the top right corner of your notice documents.