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Save time with less paperwork. Save the day knowing all gaps are covered.


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Do You Know Who
Is Working On Your Projects?

  • Get Visibility into Who Is on Your Job

    When you’re a general contractor, visibility on suppliers and sub-subcontractors is obscured. zlien finds the other parties working on your projects.

  • Collaborate with Subs & Suppliers

    When you know who you’re working with, you can communicate with them about payments, waivers, and more.

Just Start with
What You Know

Add basic information about your project and a few stakeholders, such as your customer. Our research team will search for them using our record collections and other databases.


Look for JobSight Suggestions indicating that we've found information that may match your project. 82% of lien documents have missing or incorrect information, but JobSight suggestions help you get it right.

View Suggestions & Save to Your Job

The more project and stakeholder information you add, and the more suggestions you accept, the more suggestions you'll get. You'll start to see everything and everyone on your job, and you'll be able to easily exchange notices and waivers, and limit risks.


Is Keeping Track of Paperwork
Giving You a Headache?

  • Send & Receive All Documents in One Place

    Collect all notices and signed waivers from subs & suppliers in one place. You can also request waivers and send notices with a few clicks.

  • Exchange Unlimited Waivers

    Send and receive unlimited waivers. Request signatures from subs electronically to speed up exchanges and keep everything organized.

  • Avoid Liens

    Keep the notices you receive organized and easily request waivers so you can keep a project secure and avoid unwanted surprises.

Get Alerted to Liens & Problems
Before They Happen

  • Avoid the Unknown

    No GC wants a lien filed on their job. Get an alert when an unpaid sub or supplier is taking action so you can resolve the dispute before a lien is filed.

Our Team Is Here for You
Every Step of the Way

  • Leverage Our Expert Team

    zlien is a team of over 70 experienced professionals fully devoted to helping your business.

  • Rely on Our Legal Integrity

    Our software and all of our forms are constantly reviewed and updated by expert construction attorneys .

  • Take Advantage of Our Expertise

    zlien is the nation's leading source of information on lien law. We've made it our business to educate the industry about lien rights for 10 years, and you can leverage our knowledge base to your advantage.

Are Your Rights
to Payment Protected?

  • Your Lien Rights Made Really Easy

    Handling lien rights on your own is hard, and you have a lot of important work to get done. zlien does all the hard stuff for you so you can get back to the core of your business.

  • Know What Documents to Send & When

    Notice requirements and deadlines are complex and tough to keep up with, especially. Skip the research and make it easy.

  • Reclaim Time Spent on Paperwork

    Researching, filling out, and mailing notices & lien documents is a pain in the neck, as is organizing and managing lien waivers. Take the headaches off your plate..


General Contractors Who Use zlien

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We'll Make Lien Rights
Easy For You

General contractors deal with both sides of lien rights. First, you want to protect your own payments by sending notices. Second, you want to collect waivers from all the hired parties contributing to your job. zlien is the only tool that makes it easy for you to do it all.

Always know which subs and suppliers are working on your jobs so you can stay in control and avoid uncertainty. Work with confidence knowing your projects are secure.