zlien Queue™

Turn All Lien Related Tasks Into Fast & Easy Action Items

Easy one-click
control over every action.

Lien deadlines, notice requirements, and lien waiver management presents complex and time-consuming tasks. The zlien Queue™ simplifies it for you, prioritizing every notice, lien, waiver, and related action into your Queue. You can take actions with a single click.

  • Approve, Cancel, or Snooze
  • Create Automation Rules
  • Queue Prioritizes For You
  • Set Unique User Preferences

Intelligently prioritize
the actions that matter.

The rules and deadlines associated with an action is just a piece of information relevant to your decision. The zlien Queue™ algorithm prioritizes the actions most important to your company, based on your preferences, historical performance, and legal rules. You'll never miss a deadline...and you'll always be working on the most important item.

CRM Power puts important information at your fingertips.

Relationships are critical in the construction industry, and it's difficult to make lien, notice, and waiver decisions blind. The zlien Queue™ has the power of a CRM (customer relationship manager), giving you insight to customer and project information when presenting an action item.

Flexible controls to implement your policies and keep your team aligned.

Create custom workflows and the zlien Queue™ will follow your policies, enabling you to create meaningful lien, notice, and waiver policies. Workflows can be structured around accounts receivables or accounts payable data, contract value, action item types, branches, lines of business, job type, and more.

Analyze your decision making and track it towards a goal.

Track what actions are approved, snoozed, and cancelled, as well as cancellation reasons and dispute codes. The zlien Queue™ enables you to measure A/R performance in comparison to your lien actions, to measure your results and continuously improve.

Integrate with the tools you use to leverage real-time data and automations.

Integrate your zlien Queue™ to your company's data to enhance functionality and make decisions based on real-time account and project information. You can integrate your ERP directly to zlien's web API, or take advantage of our Billtrust, Quickbooks Online, and other integrations.

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