Track Everything In Real Time

Always know where you stand with lien issues.

See real time
progress of transactions.

Use zlien's SAAS platform to process lien related transactions of all types - including lien waivers, liens, preliminary notices, and more - and always know the progress of these transactions since you can watch their progress through your transaction dashboard.

  • Graphic status bar
  • Real Time Accuracy
  • All info in one place
  • Easy search & filter

Critical mail tracking.

Many notice and lien documents are sent by certified or registered mail, and the zlien platform provides revolutionary control over sending, tracking, and managing critical mail.

  • Real time delivery status
  • Live view of actual mail piece
  • QR code tracking
  • Return mail management

Monitor all lien waivers
requested and approved.

It's a pain to keep up with all the lien waiver requests and approvals connected to your projects. zlien's platform makes it easy to track your company's waiver activity in real time.

Lien requirements and deadlines
update dynamically with your data.

Your lien deadlines and requirements are as dynamic and ever-changing as your data. Every new invoice, pay application, and payment impacts lien, notice, and waiver actions. Instead of monitoring and updating this manually, watch this change dynamically and automatically in real time.

Live A/R and payment status
empowers better decisions.

Track your pay applications, invoices, and payments in real time within zlien. Real time financial data improves automation processes, and arms you with the needed information to empower better decisions. Learn more about our technical integrations below. We integrate with:

  • Billtrust
  • API
  • Quickbooks Online
  • Data Transfers
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