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Are You First in Line To Get Paid?

Are Your Invoices at the Top of the Pile?

Your customers are prioritizing who gets paid based on who is protecting their lien rights on a project by sending notices.

Do You Want to Get Paid Faster?

Not only does sending notices protect your payments, it gets you paid faster.

Do You Know What Documents to Send & When?

Notice requirements and deadlines are complex and tough to keep up with. zlien makes it easy.

Kathlene Miller

President | JK Design LLC
The one thing zlien has done for us (a very small, family owned, subcontract company) is help us feel less lost and alone when confronting Goliath. I really believe that we can bring the tyranny to an end if more little guys had you in their corner.

Vjera Thompson

Accounting Manager | 9Wood
We wish we would have started sooner.

Get It All off Your Plate & Avoid Mistakes

Your Lien Rights Made Really Easy

Handling lien rights on your own is hard, and you have a lot of important work to get done. zlien does all the hard stuff for you so you can get back to the core of your business.

Stop Missing Deadlines & Chasing Forms

Get alerted when a deadline is approaching, and then file the document with a few clicks. zlien keeps track of all your requirements so you don't have to.

Reclaim Time Spent on Paperwork

Researching, filling out, and mailing notices & lien documents is a pain in the neck. And it's time-consuming! zlien makes it fast and easy.


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Do You Know Who IsUltimately Making Payments?

Get Visibility into Who Is in Charge of the Project

When you’re a subcontractor, visibility on other project participants is sometimes obscured. Learn who should receive your notices so you can protect your payments.

Collaborate with Your Customers and Their Customers

When you know who you’re working with, you can communicate with them about payments, documents, and more.

Just Start with What You Know

Add basic information about your project and a few stakeholders, such as your customer. Our research team will search for them using our record collections and other databases.


Look for JobSight Suggestions indicating that we've found information that may match your project. 82% of lien documents have missing or incorrect information, but JobSight suggestions help you get it right.

View Suggestions & Save to Your Job

The more project and stakeholder information you add, and the more suggestions you accept, the more suggestions you'll get. You'll start to see everything and everyone on your job, and you'll be able to easily exchange notices and waivers, and limit risks.


Our Team Is Here for You
Every Step of the Way

Leverage Our Expert Team

zlien is made up of over 70 experienced professionals fully devoted to helping your business.

Rely on Our Legal Integrity

Our software and all of our forms are constantly reviewed and updated by expert construction attorneys.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise

zlien is the nation's leading source of information on lien law. We've made it our business to educate the industry about lien rights for 10 years, and you can leverage our knowledge base to your advantage.

General Contractors LoveReceiving Notices

Make Your Notices & Waivers
Easy For Your General Contractors

Return Waivers Faster

Signing and sending waivers electronically means you can get them back to your general contractor quickly. This removes impediments from the payment process and helps you get paid faster.

Build Stronger Relationships

Your general contractor might not even know you're on a job, so sending notice to keep them informed helps get everyone on the same page. This valuable information helps GCs ensure smooth payments.

Always Use the Right Form

zlien ensures that you use the right form for every job. The platform supports statutorily mandated waiver forms as well as custom templates so that your waivers are compliant and secure.

Want to Smoothly Resolve Payment Disputes?

Never Even Need to File a Lien

Filing a lien is a last resort. zlien helps you protect your lien rights just in case, but we also help you resolve disputes before filing a lien. Sometimes just knowing that you're serious about filing a lien is enough to get the payment ball rolling.

We'll Help You Make
Getting Paid Fast & Easy

When you do the work, you deserve to get paid. Plain and simple. Subcontractors have the power of lien rights at their disposal. If you take advantage of this powerful legal tool by sending notices and promoting visibility on your projects, the payments will flow faster and more reliably.

Take control of your payments so you can take on new jobs with the confidence and peace of mind that you are secure. zlien makes it easy.