California Stop Notice Form


Legal Notice to Withhold Construction Funds

Public Works – California Civil Code Sections 9350 et seq.


(Identify Name & Address of Party)













(Identify Name & Address & Phone)





YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT the CLAIMANT, has furnished labor, services, equipment, or materials, of the following general description (SERVICES):

(Identify Work/Materials Provided by Claimant)



These SERVICES have been contracted for by:

(Identify Name & Address of Party Who Hired Claimant)



These SERVICES were furnished for work of improvement located at: (Identify Address where project located, as well as Project Name and Project Number, and any other identifications of the Project)



Total Value of Whole Amount of SERVICES agreed to be furnished: $

Value of SERVICES Furnished to Date: $

Amount Paid to Claimant: $

Due , Owing and Unpaid: $

This amount is due, owing and unpaid over and above all payments and offsets.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that LIENOR , undersigned, hereby extends, continues and redockets for one (1) year from the date of the filing of this Extension, the LIEN EXTENDED as ab ove - identified. A copy of the filed notice of lien being exteneded is attached hereto.

You are required to set aside sufficient funds to satisfy this claim with interest, court costs, and reas onable costs of litigation, as provided by law. You are also notified that claimant claims an equitable lien against any construction fund for this project which are in your hands.

Further, a check in the amount of $2.00 has been included with this Stop N otice. This check is sent pursuant to California Civil Code § 9350 , which requires you to provide certain notice to the CLAIMANT no later than 10 days after the filing of a notice of completion or after the cessation of labor has been deemed a completion of the public work or after the acceptance of completion, whichever is later.


I, the undersigned, say: I am the appointed agent of the claimant named in the foregoing Stop Notice. I have read said Stop Notice and know the contents thereo f; the same is true of my knowledge , information and belief . I declare, under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California, that the foregoing is true and correct.

State of

County of

Executed on the ________ day of ______________________ 20______.


Signed by:



I, __________________________, declare that on the _____ day of _____________, 20____, I served copies of the attached Stop Notice to the following parties identified on the Notice:

[_____]    Public Entity




[_____]    Prime Contractor




[_____]    Surety




[_____]    Hiring Party




I served the attached Stop Notice:

[_____]   By personally delivering the notice to the identified parties;

[_____]   By First Class Certified Mail service, return receipt requested and postage prepaid, addressed to the party at the address shown on the Stop Notice document.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

Dated: _____ day of _____________, 20____.

Agent for CLAIMANT

Signed by

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