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Make payment paperwork
on your jobs easy.

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How It Works

Enter your jobs
in the platform.

Track document requirements and never miss a deadline to speed up and secure payments.

Send and request
the right paperwork.

Exchange notices, waivers, and other documents quickly and easily. Set up rules to oversee paperwork on all of your jobs.

Connect with
others on the job.

Quickly resolve issues through direct chat conversations to maintain good relationships and keep cash flowing.
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Get it right

Make paperwork easy by quickly creating and exchanging documents in zlien’s Platform. Have confidence that you’re always sending the right documents at the right time.

  • Speed up payments
  • Secure lien rights on every job
  • Make sure all documents are legally compliant

Save time

Speed up manual, time-consuming processes so you can focus on more important tasks. Eliminate the hassle of paperwork by sending, receiving, and managing your documents in the Platform quickly.

  • Streamline your tasks
  • Access job details and paperwork at your fingertips
  • Stop stuffing envelopes and scanning signatures

Talk it out

Avoid disputes and bad outcomes like liens by communicating with everyone on your jobs easily. Take quick action on any information mismatch or payment disputes with others on the job through direct chat conversations within the Platform.

  • Build stronger relationships
  • Minimize liens
  • Get paid faster

Prior to zlien, managing projects was really stressful. zlien has helped keep everything on track. zlien has saved us time, it has saved us stress, and it has most importantly saved us revenue.

Danetta Haynes
International Marble Industries

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