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See everyone and be seen
on the job to make payments
fast and easy.

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See who is on your jobs

Get information about who is involved on your jobs. When you know who you’re working with, you can easily exchange documents and talk things out to speed up payments.

Minimize risk on all fronts

Get accurate information for the property, GC and surety on your jobs to get your documents to the right people and avoid disputes and bad outcomes like liens. Access missing information so you can secure your payment rights.

Save time

Scout finds missing job information for you, so you don’t have to chase down critical job details like owner information and legal property description and focus on growing your business.

  • Access our comprehensive database of construction jobs
  • Our team goes to work for you to find key information
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Being able to get that notification that ‘hey, this looks like it’s residential, double check,’ or ‘this looks like it’s federal, not commercial;’ that has been incredibly helpful, because a lot of times we’re just relying on information from either the customer or our sales team, and if our sales team doesn’t know, we’re at a loss. Those are things that really take the stress out of it.

Wondering how we research your jobs?

We begin with the job information
you add to zlien.

Level 1: Standard

Scout fills in missing property information using the most comprehensive database of construction jobs in the United States.

Level 2: Pro

A Scout Pro personally investigates your job using other advanced and exclusive sources of information to complete property information with over 98% accuracy.

Level 3: Ultimate

A Scout Pro will do everything possible via calls and emails to get in touch with people on your job and pin down hard-to-find information not available online such as GC and surety details.
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