How to Get Paid

Construction payments are clogged with red tape.

It can take 70-120 days to get paid on a job, leading to disputes and stress.

Get SET to End Payment Stress

99.7% of zlien customers keep jobs problem-free
by taking the proven S-E-T approach.

See everyone on your jobs

Exchange paperwork easily

Talk it out to avoid disputes

We get paid so much faster, and that’s the beauty ...if we send out a letter one week, we get a check the next week.

Katy McGee
Central Texas Lath & Plaster

See and be seen
on every job.

Know who you’re working with so you can connect with the right people to be seen on every job and make payments fast and easy.

Exchange paperwork
quickly and easily.

Speed up payments by exchanging the right documents at the right time with others on the job to follow good practice and show that you have your payment rights secured.

Talk it out

Resolve disputes and avoid bad outcomes like liens by communicating directly with others on the job so everyone is in the loop on payments.

  • Better relationships with customers & vendors
  • Minimize liens
  • Get paid faster

Get help from a SET expert
every step of the way

Work with our team

Join over 100,000 construction professionals in
making payments less stressful on over 1.4 million jobs.

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