Notice of Non-Responsibility Form

Notice of non-responsibility

California Civil Code § 3129






The Property Owner is the Fee Owner of the Property. The work to the improvement, made subject of this Notice of Non-Responsibility, is being furnished at the request of the Tenant/Lessee:


Tenant/Lessee (“Tenant”) Causing the Work to be Performed on the Improvement:




Property Address and Legal Description where Work is Being Performed:








County of

State of California


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVENth at the Property Owner has learned within the ten days preceding this notice that construction materials, services, labor, equipment, tools and/or other work is being performed on the real estate described in this notice as the Property. The Owner owns th is Property, and the Tenant is causing the work to be performed thereupon. Pursuant to California Civil Code § 3129, the Owner gives notice that NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CLAIMS arising from the work.

VerificationI, as a disclosed Agent of the Claimant, that I have read the Claim of Lien, and that upon information and belief, I certify that I believe that the facts therein are true under penalty of perjury.

Signed this ____ day of _________________, 20____.

Express Lien, Inc., Agent for Claimant

Signed by:

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