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No more payment surprises for Dennis

When it comes to construction payment, Dennis doesn’t like surprises. He’s responsible for the cash flow at California Access Scaffold and was constantly worried about not getting paid. With zlien, the stress is off his shoulders. The company gets paid faster, and he is confident they will get paid on every job.

Better project info saves 3 hours a day

Raider Painting needs accurate information to send notices and secure payments. However, they often received incomplete or inaccurate job site data from contractors. Now that zlien fills in the data gaps and ensures the paperwork gets done quickly and accurately so they can focus on running the business.


Katy took the stress out of getting paid

Tripling growth led to spreadsheet nightmares for Katy McGee, the accounting manager at Central Texas Lath & Plaster. Now she never misses a deadline to secure lien rights and she has peace of mind knowing payment is protected.


Danetta stopped worrying about making payroll

Keeping payments on time used to be the most stressful part of the job for International Marble Industries’ controller, Danetta Haynes. With zlien, she grew her “kindergarten education of lien rights to a postgraduate law degree”. Danetta has protected thousands of dollars and has helped grow International Marble Industries’ revenue.


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