Mechanics Lien in Texas

Let zlien Prepare and File Your Mechanics Lien In Texas

In Texas, a mechanics lien is commonly known as a Claim of Lien. zlien services companies seeking such a claim by preparing, filing, and serving the paperwork for you, allowing your business to focus on generating profit. Our highly trained staff has experience filing mechanics and construction lien Texas in cities such as Dallas, Austin, Houston, and other major metropolitan areas.

The process of filing a mechanics lien Texas can be a complicated ordeal. The claimant must be aware of a number of minute details regarding the case, from identifying the property owner to knowledge of the legal property description. They are also responsible for coordinating the various filing submissions and fee payments to the proper county recorder, as well as having the filed lien served upon the owner. All of these tasks can be a source of major hassle and frustration for a company that is addled with daily business responsibilities.

Devolving those tasks to zlien’s platform can have matters handled swiftly and without stress.

The Breadth of Resources for Subcontractors and Suppliers

Deadlines for filing a mechanics or construction lien Texas can be quite confusing for those unfamiliar with the process. Even the statutory language that refers to ‘the 15th day after the 3rd month’ with regard to furnishing labor and materials can be difficult to understand. zlien  assists both 1st and 2nd tier subcontractors and suppliers with unraveling the abstruse legal terms and conditions that apply to their lien deadline. In fact, each client is provided with a easy to follow deadline chart that carefully walks them through the process and their various responsibilities.

Moreover, you can utilize the zlien  LienPilot to calculate the date for deadlines on your preliminary notices or mechanics lien Texas. Simply by entering in your project information, the LienPilot will calculate when each is due and notify you via an e-mail alert.

The paperwork and legal process of filing a mechanics lien can be a grueling ordeal. By letting zlien  handle the preparation, management, and filing duties for one flat fee, you can avoid the additional costs associated with other companies and concentrate on getting your business paid.

Texas Mechanic’s Lien Frequently Asked Questions

How To File A Mechanic’s Lien In Texas?

The mechanic’s lien laws in Texas are some of the most confusing in the nation. It is very critical that your Texas mechanics lien include detailed information about your work and the construction project, and meet certain other formatting and content requirements. Included among the information you’ll need to know to have your lien filed (or have zlien  research) is the property owner and the property legal description for the property where work was performed.  Once the lien document is completed, it must be recorded with the proper recording office in the county where the property is situated.  While the mechanic lien laws in Texas are complex, zlien  makes filing a mechanics lien in Texas simple. Just fill out our online order form and that’s it.  zlien’s platform takes control and takes care of everything else.

What Is The Deadline To File A Mechanic’s Lien In Texas?

In Texas, mechanic’s liens must be filed by the 15th day of the 4th calendar month after the day on which the debt accrued for non-residential projects, and the same date of the 3rd month after the day on which the debt accrued for residential.  This means that the mechanic’s lien deadline will always fall on the 15th day of the calendar month.  While that part is easy, figuring out the actual month of expiration can be challenging. To make things easy (that’s what we do), check out our Texas Mechanics Lien Resources, which includes charts and tables of the lien and notice deadlines.

If Notice Required To File A Mechanic’s Lien in Texas?

Yes, Texas has some pretty complicated notice requirements.  Prime contractors typically do not have to deliver any preliminary notices. Everyone else, however, needs to send either one or two notices.  Those who contract with the prime contractor must send a notice to the property owner and prime contractor on the 15th day of the 3rd month following each month the unpaid amounts became due.  Those who are further down the contracting chain (i.e. contracted with a sub) must send this notice – called a 3rd Month Notice – and another notice one month earlier – called a 2nd month notice – on the 15th day of the calendar month of the 2nd month after each month unpaid amounts became due.

Why Choose zlien to File Your Texas Mechanic’s Lien?

You can trust zlien with your Texas mechanic’s lien claim. zlien  is the leader in the industry in filing mechanics lien claims in Texas and across the nation, as we’ve filed mechanic’s liens in counties all across the great state of Texas. Our company has developed and uses proprietary software that ensures your lien forms are prepared in accordance with statutory requirements. Further, zlien  has strict privacy policies, strong online security procedures and carriers errors and omissions insurance to protect its clients. zlien  protects its customers with a service satisfaction guarantee and by carrying errors and omissions insurance. All of this is backed up by a 100% service satisfaction guarantee.

How Long Will It Take To Process My zlien Order?

Mechanic’s lien orders are usually processed by zlien  within 2-4 business days. We offer a rush service for $95, which will guarantee processing within 1 business day. The mechanic’s lien is recorded in Texas following our processing, either by direct delivery to the recorder or by courier (depending on the county).  In most counties throughout Texas, mechanic’s liens can be e-recorded, and zlien  is an approved e-recording filer in these Texas counties.  When a county accepts mechanic lien recordings by e-recording, the filing time is immediately after processing.