Mechanics Lien Form

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And Recording Requested By:










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Property Owner:




Property. The real property upon which the Project is constructed is the following described parcel(s) of land, and includes any and all structures and improvements located thereon, to which are to be charged with this Lien (the "Subject Property"):





State of Idaho

Legally Described As:





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The Claimant furnished labor, materials, services, tools and/or equipment of the following general description at the Property ("Services"):



The party who hired the Claimant to perform the Services at the Property is ("Hiring Party"):



Amount Due and Claimed:

After deducting just offsets and credits, and accounting for all change orders, the amount demanded in this lien by the CLAIMANT is:





First Date: Claimant first furnished the Services to the Property on or around the following date:



Last Date: Claimant last furnished the Services to the Property on:



The CLAIMANT provides that at the request of the HIRING PARTY, it providing the SERVICES to the PROPERTY, and that the AMOUNT OF CLAIM is due and owing to the CLAIMANT in full, after providing all offsets and just credits. The CLAIMANT demands a lien on the PROPERTY and all improvements thereupon in the AMOUNT OF CLAIM.  




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Signature of Claimant, and Verification

State of Idaho
County of

I, ______________________, the undersigned, being of lawful age and being first duly sworn upon oath, do state that I am the Claimant named herein, and that I have read the foregoing Claim of Lien, know the contents thereof, and have knowledge of the facts, and certify that based thereupon, upon my information and belief the foregoing is true and correct, and that I believe them to be true.


Print Name:


Sworn to and subscribed before me, undersigned Notary Public in and for the above listed State and County, on this _________________, by __________________, who is known to me, or satisfactorily proved to me, to be the person whose name is subscribed to this document, and who acknowledged that he/she is the Claimant and executed this document in that capacity.

Notary Public




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