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Resolving a Project Suggestion

Scout Research

What are Project Suggestions?

Project suggestions are sent by our research team when they find new or conflicting information associated with your project data. They will only contact you through a Project Suggestion if your JobSight Preference is “Contact You” for the given scenario. Unlike Document Alerts, Project Suggestions are tied to projects rather than documents and will not expire. You will only get project suggestions under two circumstances:

  1. If a Document Alert expires without resolution, the information contained in the Alert converts to a
    Project Suggestion. This is because the information contained in the Alert may still be relevant to the
    project and any future documents you order. Project Suggestions allow the information to be added to
    your project at any time in the future.
  2. If your zlien subscription plan includes All Project Research, JobSight will research any projects entered into your zlien account, and send you Project Suggestions regardless of whether an order has been placed on that project or not.

How do I know when I’ve been sent a Project Suggestion?

You can see any outstanding Project Suggestions in your zlien account on the project page or by navigating to the Suggestions tab in the Action Center.

If you’re in the Action Center Suggestions tab, hover over the suggestion and click the green Resolve button. Follow the same steps that you followed with Document Alerts: use JobSight data, use your data only, or use both sets of data.

When you resolve a Project Suggestion, any changes that you apply will affect information on the project level and make the information available for use on any future orders. Information on previously placed orders will not automatically update.

How do I know which information to choose?

Our team finds information by matching data across multiple sources. We use county records, multiple nationwide property databases including CoreLogic RealQuest and American Data Tree, zlien’s Universal Data Graph, and more. We upload supporting documentation such as property reports to the Suggestion pop-up window.

You can also contact our support team at any time for further assistance. They’re available through the inapp chat feature, via email at mail@zlien.com, or by calling our support line.

How long do I have to resolve Project Suggestions?

Project Suggestions do not expire and can be resolved at any time. We recommend resolving them before placing any more orders on a particular project.

How can I track resolved Project Suggestions?

To see all resolved Suggestions for a project, navigate to the Project page and click the JobSight tab. To see resolved Suggestions across all projects in your account, navigate to the Suggestions tab of the Action Center, then filter the list page by Notification Status Resolved.