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Resolving a Document Alert

Scout Research

What are Document Alerts?

Any time a user orders a filed document such as a lien or a lien cancellation, our research team will research the order and verify project information to ensure the filed document is as complete and accurate as possible. If you have JobSight Document Research included in your zlien subscription, we will also apply this research to any statutorily required notices to secure lien rights. This research is applied after you place an order. When our team finds new, different, or missing project information on an order, they will proceed according to your JobSight Preferences. If your preference is to be contacted in the given situation, then the JobSight team will send you a Document Alert. “Alerts” pause your order so that you can review what we found and approve changes to your document before it is mailed or filed.

How do I know when I’ve been sent a Document Alert?

We’ll send you an email and a notification to your zlien account. By default, you will get one daily email with a list of all outstanding alerts on your orders. Account administrators can adjust this setting so that you are emailed immediately if you prefer. When you login to your account, the bell icon located in the upper right corner of the screen will indicate how many documents have outstanding alerts.

When you have open Document Alerts, the bell icon in the top right corner of the screen will indicate in yellow the number of outstanding alerts you need to resolve. Click the icon to view your open alerts.

Hover over the alert that you would like to resolve first and click Resolve. This will bring you to a slideout view of the alert.

You can select Resolve to apply the new information to your document. If you would like to view more details for the alert, you can click on the green three-dot icon and select View Suggestion . There is also the option to Dismiss the alert. If you select to View Suggestion a pop-up window will appear displaying more information from our JobSight Research team. You can chose to resolve the alert by selecting JobSight data, using your original information, or in some cases you can list both sets of data on the document.

How do I know which information to choose?

Our team finds information by matching data across multiple sources. We use county records, multiple nationwide property databases including CoreLogic RealQuest and American Data Tree, zlien’s Universal Data Graph, and more. We upload supporting documentation such as property reports to the Document page in your zlien account. If these sources aren’t already attached as a comment on the pop-out window of your JobSight Suggestion, try clicking “View All Document Details” in the upper right corner of the Alert slide-out. You will be redirected to the document page, where you can find sources uploaded as attachments. You can also contact our support team at any time for further assistance. They’re available through the inapp chat feature, via email at mail@zlien.com, or by calling our support line.

 How long do I have to resolve Document Alerts?

Account administrators can set the Alert Expiration Period between 2-5 business days. Alerts pause the processing of your orders until they are resolved or expire. The Document Status column on the Alerts list page tells you how many days you have until an Alert expires. Please note: Any Alerts tied to orders with Rush Processing turned on will automatically expire after 1 business day.

What happens if an Alert expires before I can resolve it?

If a Document Alert expires, the document will go out as-is with your original information. The information that we found may still be relevant to the project and any future orders you may place, so the information we found will now take the form of a Project Suggestion, which is not tied to an order and will not expire. You can add the information to your project in zlien at any time by resolving the Project Suggestion from the project page or by going to the Action Center > Suggestions.

Can recipients correct information on documents?

Every notice sent through zlien includes a Request for Information on the cover letter and text on the document (pursuant to state statute) that requests certain information be updated if it appears to be missing or incorrect. The RFI cover letter format changes depending on the recipient and document type. The cover letters provide a website where recipients can alert zlien if information contained on a notice appears to be incorrect. If the information conflicts with what you provided, the JobSight Team will contact you for review. If the information fills in missing data, the JobSight Team updates the project records with the corrected information and resends the document with the updated notice.