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Request Lien Waivers Through zlien's RedTeam Integration


These are the steps for requesting a lien waiver through zlien during the RedTeam Vendor Invoice approval process. This only works if your RedTeam account is  connected to your zlien account. If you haven’t set up your integration yet, make sure to walk through these steps first.

First, make sure that the project you are working on is already linked to zlien. You can do this under the Scope section of the project in RedTeam, under the “zlien Preferences” settings. Make sure the “Send Project to zlien” box is checked off and all fields in this section are filled out.

Under the Buyouts tab for the project that you would like send a lien waiver on, you can set up Commitments. When setting up a Commitment you are able to select “require lien waivers” under Section 2. Contract Terms.  If you select this option the claimant is automatically added added and a lien waiver request option will be available in the invoice approval workflow. If you did not select this option initially you can add the subcontractor as a claimant under the Manage Lien Law Claims section of the Buyouts tab.

Click the house menu icon again and select Vendor Invoices. Select the invoice that you would like to send a waiver on and click to Edit this record.

On Step 4: Lien Waivers you will see the claimant listed and the option under the Action column to Request a Waiver. (Look for the blue Z logo!) Click this Request button.

Helpful Hint: You must be authorized in your account to request waivers in order to see the option under Action.

In the Request a Waiver window, make sure the zlien Project Profile is filled out, as well as all zlien Waiver Settings. Select which type of waiver you need, and which waiver template you would like to use. The system may populate additional fields depending on that template. Confirm the claimant’s email address and other fields that are populated from the invoice.

Helpful Hint: zlien‘s statutory waiver templates will be available in the Template dropdown by default, but you can also build your own custom waiver forms in zlien under the Documents tab, in Templates.

Click the blue Request via zlien button to send the waiver request to your vendor via email. Check out this tutorial to see how recipients can sign and send waivers back to zlien!

You will be able to view the waiver form under Action. When the waiver is signed and sent back, you will receive it in your zlien account in the Inbox, and the signed version of the document will also be available as a PDF in RedTeam in Step 4: Lien Waivers under Action.