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Sync Your Procore Account with Levelset


Click on the Settings gear icon at the top right corner of your dashboard and select Integrations and Partners.

Hover over the Procore icon and click Install.

You may be asked to login to Procore. Login using your company Procore administrator login credentials.  Next, you will be redirected to Levelset’s Manage Procore settings page.

Select your most common project role and who you are typically hired by. This will determine how your projects are imported from Procore into Levelset.

Helpful Hint: Your lien rights requirements often differ depending on your project tier. You can always update your project tier after the project has been imported into Levelset if (for example) you are often the GC but sometimes may be a subcontractor.


Match your Procore project types to Levelset project types. Procore project types can be customized in Procore under Toolbox > Admin > Project Settings. In Levelset, your project type (like your project tier) often determines what set of lien rights requirements you need to follow.

Choose if you want to sync all active Procore projects or whether you want to exclude projects in certain stages or created before a certain point from syncing to Levelset.

Helpful Hint: Projects in Procore must have a full job site address (street, city, state, and zip) in order to sync to Levelset.

Optional: Turn on Lien Waiver Automation

When you approve an Invoice (Requisition) or record a Payment through Procore Commitments, Levelset can automatically create a waiver and send it to your subcontractor complete with all the project details and a place for your sub to e-sign (or download and notarize).

How It Works:

  • Levelset will send a conditional waiver when invoices are approved in an open billing period in Procore.
  • Levelset will send an unconditional waiver when payment is recorded in Procore.
  • Levelset will use the balance to finish in Procore to determine if the waiver should be a partial or final form.

If the second line (Send lien waiver requests through Levelset) is checked off, then Levelset will email the waiver request to the Invoice Contact from the Procore commitment.

Helpful Hint: Levelset will send our standard lien waiver templates by default. Levelset will send the state-required form if you’re working in one of the 12 states that have statutory waiver forms. If you’re working outside these 12 states, Levelset will use a default template modeled after the California waiver form.

If you need to customize the waiver templates that are sent through your Procore integration, you can create a custom waiver template by following these instructions.


Click Connect Procore Account to complete the integration and sync your projects.