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Use digital jobsheets to collect project information

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Collecting accurate and complete project information is an industry-wide problem in construction. Many companies try to collect this information through “jobsheets” filled out by their sales team or customers. To save time and go paperless, start asking your customers to fill out digital job sheets that add projects straight to your Levelset account.

Each company branch/location in Levelset has its own custom jobsheet link that can be shared externally. The custom links can be found in your Settings under Company and Users > Locations.

You will see the JobSheet Link in blue hyperlink under the Form Link column of the Locations page. Click this link to be redirected to the jobsheet form.

At the top of the page you can copy the URL link to send to your customers (highlight the link then click Control+C to copy) . This is a unique link that only adds projects to your Levelset account. You can share the link in emails to your customers.

Levelset jobsheets are designed to be filled out by your customer. If someone internally at your company is filling it out instead, have them fill it out as if they were on the phone with your customer answering the questions on their behalf. For example: Your Company Name would be filled in with the name of your customer, You’re Hired By would be filled in with the name of your customer’s customer, and so on.

After your customer fills out a jobsheet, the project information will be available in your Levelset account under the Inbox tab. Click View to see what was provided, then click Save to add the project to your Levelset account.