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Request signatures on lien waivers from your vendors

Exchange Waivers

One way to generate and track lien waiver requests through Levelset is by entering accounts payable information on the AP tab of each project. You can then generate lien waiver requests from your AP invoice:

ALTERNATIVELY, you can hover over the Create button in the main menu, select Document/Waiver and then hover over Lien Waiver. Click Request button.

Associate this lien waiver to a project in Levelset or add a new project to your account, then click Next.

Select which vendors should receive a waiver request. You can select multiple contacts.

If someone is missing from the list, click Add Somebody Else (in blue, under Selected Companies to the right). Then click Next.


In the vast majority of states, you will have the standard four kinds of lien waivers available. Depending on the state you are working in, you may see a different options. Read more about the 12 states with statutory waiver forms here.

On the next step you can customize the document itself.

On the left, a preview of the waiver will generate. The Levelset standard waiver form will be used by default, but if you want to use a custom template you’ve created, you can choose it from the dropdown menu. You can also check off the box to include notary acknowledgement if you require the waiver to be notarized.


To the right, fill in any information you want to appear on all the waivers you’re requesting. Leave blank any fields that you want the recipient(s) to fill in.

Helpful Hint: Do you or your customer require a custom waiver template? Check out this tutorial on how to build custom waiver templates in your Levelset account.

Next, you have the option to Require Attachments with the Lien Waiver. This is optional.

Many companies will choose to require “Conditional Vendor Waivers” or “Unconditional Vendor Waivers.” If you require these attachments, Levelset will prompt your sub or supplier to email waiver requests down the chain to their vendors before they can complete your waiver request.

This is a good way to manage the waiver collection process all the way down the payment chain.

On Step 5, make sure all recipients have an email address entered, then click Start Document. This will send the lien waiver request via email to all recipients. Click here to see the recipient experience and how the waiver forms are completed.

Helpful Hint: You can add custom text to the email by typing in the Add a Note box before creating the document.