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Exchange Notarized Waivers Through Levelset

Exchange Waivers

Levelset’s standard waiver templates do not have notary blocks, but you can easily apply a notary block to any waiver when either sending out requests for signature, or generating lien waivers in order to sign them and get paid. After selecting Start > Document > Waiver, associating the waiver with a project, and selecting the waiver criteria, you will see a waiver preview generate. This will be the Levelset Standard Template by default. Above the PDF preview, check the box Include Notary Acknowledgement. This applies a notary block to the bottom of your waiver.

Helpful Hint: If you are working in one of the three states that require notarization on lien waivers, Levelset will include a notary block on the default statutory form for you. Read more here: Do Lien Waivers Need to be Notarized?

If you are generating the waiver to send to your subs and suppliers, then you can proceed as normal on the final step and send the waiver request via email to selected parties.

If you are waiving your own lien rights and need to get the form notarized, Levelset will prompt you to download and print the waiver on the final step of creating the document to notarize the waiver offline. Once you get the form notarized, you can then Upload the notarized waiver and send it electronically through Levelset, allowing you to track all lien waivers in one place.