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Check the Status of Documents Requested from Vendors Through Levelset

Exchange Waivers

Go to the Documents section of your account, then click the tab at the top of the screen that says Requests. The Requests list will show all outstanding lien waiver and pay app requests that have not been completed and returned to you yet.

Hover over the outstanding request you would like to follow up on, and click the green View button.

Under the Recipients  section, you can check on which contacts have received and/or viewed your digital request. You can see when the email request was sent, and when the email was opened.

Waiting awhile to get a response on your document request?

You can click Resend next to the contact that you would like to remind to fill out the request.

You can also leave a Comment in the collaboration box on the document slide-out. This will send an email to the recipient with your message and give them the opportunity to comment back.