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Order a Document Based on a Deadline

Send Last Resort Docs

After a project has been added to your zlien account, the system will bring you to a Project Summary page. Under the Deadlines section the system will ask for the dates that trigger your deadlines based on the state you’re working in, your tier on the project, and the project type.

Entering in the requested dates will prompt the system to start calculating your deadlines. It will let you know what document is required in your state and how many days you have to send that document.

Helpful Hint: To view past deadlines, click on Upcoming in the top right corner of the Deadlines section. From there you can select to view All or Expired deadlines.

If you are ready to create a document, you can click the Create Document button that appears next to the document’s deadline.

Enter in the required details that the system requests for this document and hit Next.

There is an option under Custom Message to add personalized text to your document. This is great if you wanted to include the amount outstanding on documents that do not require amounts to be added.

Using the check marks next to your contact’s names, you can select who you would like to receive a copy of this document. The system will let you know which contacts are required with the yellow Required tag next to their names. You can also add additional recipients at the bottom of the page if there is anyone else you would like to receive a copy.

If you would like to save on postage, consider emailing a copy of the document to any Non-Required Contacts.

At the top of the page it will give you an estimate of when the document will be processed. Our standard processing time is 2-5 business days. If your deadline is cutting it close, there is an option to select Rush at the top of the page. This will decrease the processing time to one to two business day.

Select Create Document in the right-hand corner. If JobSight Research is an included feature with your subscription, be on the lookout for JobSight Alerts pertaining to your document within the next few days.