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Add a Project

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To start, either hover over the Start  button in the blue navigation menu on the left of the screen and select Project. Or you can start on the Projects tab and in the top right corner click the +New Project button.

A pop-up window will appear. This is where you are able to add the core project information.

Helpful Hint: Information provided in these fields will allow the system to tell you exactly what you need to do to secure lien rights for a given project. It’s important to fill out the required fields as accurately as possible.

The Project Nickname and Project Number are optional fields. You can use this information to quickly search and pull up projects in your account.

If you have multiple locations, select which location is associated with this project. This allows you to segment projects in zlien based on branch or DBA.

For Address, enter the location of where the project is taking place.

Helpful Hint: If you don’t have an exact address and you have JobSight Research included in your subscription, we can help you identify the right parcel information. Follow these tips for what to do if you lack an exact project address.

Select the project type.

Select what your role was on the project, and the role of the company that hired you.

Under Customer’s Details, enter in the contact information for the company that hired you.

Enter in a brief description of Labor/Material provided. If you find yourself typing the same description on all of your projects, set up a default description by editing your Line of Business in your settings.