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What type of document should I send, and how do I order through zlien?

You can view our state by state resources for a full description of the typical required documents depending on your role in the project and the state work was performed in. If you’d like to make the process easier, a zlien subscription includes full deadline tracking and potential next-step action suggestions depending on your project details.

I’ve ordered my document – what happens now?

Congratulations on placing your zlien order! Our typical processing time is 2 – 5 business days for all orders placed through standard processing. If you rushed your order, our typical processing time is 1 business day (Forgot to rush your document? You can contact support at mail@zlien.com to add the rush for you.)

What is JobSight, and what are JobSight notifications?

JobSight is a premium feature for our subscription users to receive research related to their projects. If you do not have a subscription account and are instead paying for documents on an a la carte basis, JobSight research only applies to mechanics liens, bond claims, and associated releases. This means our software will research specific information related to the project and will provide suggestions based on what they find, for you to use or ignore at your preference. These suggestions will be active in your account for 2 business days; if they are not resolved by that time, the suggestions will expire. For detailed information on resolving notifications, please go here.

If you have any questions about resolving your JobSight notifications, we suggest reaching out to our support team for assistance at mail@zlien.com.

How do I edit my order?

Should you need to change any information after placing an order, please email mail@zlien.com with your order number, company name, and the information that needs to be updated. Please keep in mind that if the order is sent prior to your request, you will typically need to place a new order in the system.

How can I check on my order and see my documents?

To check your order status and view the documents associated with your order, please log in to your account and go to your “Track Orders” page. The available documents will include your order summary and, if applicable, the pre-recorded and recorded copies of your lien.

Hover over the order you’d like to see and click the “View” button. Once you’re looking at your order details, there is a module to the right side of the screen titled “Download Order Documents.” You can check off the order documents you would like to view and click the “Download” button from the top of this module.

Please note that if you are not a current subscription user, you can only see your three most recent orders with zlien and view documents associated with those three orders. If you have more volume than three orders at a time, we highly suggest upgrading to a subscription account.

What is the Lien Resolution Center, and how does it work?

While we believe liens are an effective last resort for parties who aren’t paid for work they completed on a construction project, we also think communication and collaboration are the best ways to resolve payment issues. This new feature acts as a way of opening communication to resolve payment issues prior to your mechanics lien being recorded.

When you order a lien through zlien, you automatically receive the Lien Resolution Center (LRC) feature, where you can invite the property owner, general contractor, or any other stakeholders to participate in a conversation to prompt payment. This communication can happen during the processing your document. The participants will see a ticking clock counting down until the final step in zlien’s processing, but this communication gives them the option to provide payment before the lien is filed. By default, the Lien Resolution Center is available to you while zlien is processing your lien. If you think payment may be forthcoming, and want to hold off on filing your lien, you can add days to the LRC countdown to pause processing. 

What are my next steps after my lien is recorded?

zlien is a great tool to assist you with getting your mechanics lien presented for recording. We will also send your lien claim to any other interested stakeholders (such as the hiring party or property owner) you request to receive a copy. Once your lien has been recorded, some information regarding potential next steps is available here.

How can I track deadlines for my projects?

The best way to receive comprehensive deadline tracking of all of your projects in one program is through a subscription account to zlien’s software. If you are only interested in tracking deadlines for one or two projects, you may be interested in our new, free feature called the Lien Deadline Calculator. It gives anyone the power to calculate lien and notice deadlines and requirements on any project nationwide. You can find more information here.

Where can I find resources to see how lien laws affect my project?

We offer comprehensive, free resources for every state on our Construction Payment Resource Hub. Choose which state your project is in and select your role on the project to see information about notice, lien, and enforcement deadlines and requirements, as well as frequently asked questions. There are also a multitude of blog articles available on our Construction Payment Blog.

Do you offer discounts for ordering multiple documents?

If you have a high volume of projects and think you may be sending documents often, we suggest upgrading to a cost-effective subscription account. For more information on the different plans available, visit our pricing page.

How can I use the Mail Tracker?

Your Mail Tracker is available with your order tracking information and will show you any mailings that have been sent out after processing your order.

zlien will send your documents pursuant to state requirements, which means your mail pieces might include Certified Tracking Numbers. First Class Mail typically will not include tracking information, but any documents mailed Certified or Certified with Return Receipt typically will. To view the exact status of your mail piece, copy the tracking number into a new URL, and your search engine will pull up your USPS tracking information for you to review. Any detailed updates will be posted on USPS and in zlien once available.

Sometimes you may notice the word “Error” associated with your mail tracking. This error message can mean several things. In most cases, zlien has not received an update from USPS. To view the exact status of your mail piece, copy the tracking number into a new URL, and your search engine will pull up your USPS tracking information for you to review. Any detailed updates will be posted on USPS and in zlien once available. For more information, take a look at this blog article.

I have a legal question – who can I ask about that?

We have many construction-related resources available for self-help, but if you wish to talk to an attorney, there are a few additional options. zlien’s Construction Legal Center provides a forum in which you can ask a question and get a response from a licensed attorney. Additionally, zlien’s Chief Legal Officer, Nate Budde, hosts a live Q&A every Thursday from 10am -12am (CST) during which you can ask a question and get legal information.

If you have a non-construction related question, you may find assistance at http://www.avvo.com.

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