Lien Genome™

Complicated lien rules made easy.

Lien Genome™ makes
complex lien landscape easy.

Lien rules are hyper-complex, and one small mistake can be costly. zlien has mapped the entire Lien Genome™, and through an intuitive web platform, places it in the palm of your hands.

  • Simple Web Interface
  • Trusted by Thousands
  • All States & Situations
  • High Legal Integrity

Take targeted action to streamline work and strengthen relationships.

Since lien regulations are so complex, many companies implement broad policies to cover all scenarios. zlien's Lien Genome™ gives you the accuracy you need to take only measured actions, ensuring your valuable relationships are not unnecessarily disrupted, and that you're only doing the work you need to do.

The industry's trusted resource.

The Lien Genome™ is backed by the web's most trusted construction payment and lien resources. zlien's resources are relied upon by Fortune 500 construction industry businesses, attorneys and law firms, lien and notice service companies, and more. zlien's resources demonstrate the depth of our knowledge and authority. With the Lien Genome™, you can put that authority to work for you.

You're first to know
of important changes.

Laws and policies affecting liens, bond claims, and waivers, are impacted nearly every day by statute changes or court decisions. The Lien Genome™ stays on top of all changes for you, and with the industry's fastest Lien Law Alerts, you'll be the first to know about changes that may impact your business.

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