JobSight Positions You With The Insight You Need

Data graph & database
connections fill in your data holes

Do you know everyone on your project, or is that information incomplete? zlien has built comprehensive data graphs that connect everyone on the project and provide zlien subscribers with the information they need.

  • Property Owner
  • Bonds
  • General Contractor
  • Notices Of Commencement
  • Lenders
  • Preliminary Notices
  • Sureties
  • Waiver Forms
  • Material Suppliers

Engage with our data team to
get your critical project data right

When your data conflicts or is incomplete, your specific preferences will dictate how you will be alerted, or how your data will be handled. Plus, you'll be able to correspond directly with zlien's data team so you can make sure your critical project data is correct and what you want.

Predictive machine intelligence
makes your data smarter

zlien leverages patent pending data sciences and machine learning algorithms to analyze data and make predictive, smart decisions to build a complete and accurate project picture.

An RFI process that works.

zlien has a patent pending RFI process that gets project participants to circulate the critical project information that matters to everyone on the job.

Manage how you use JobSight with customized preferences

zlien JobSight is zlien’s patent-pending technology and data management process that positions zlien subscribers to get their critical project data right. Leverage the zlien JobSight technology the way that’s right for your company by establishing custom preferences on how you’d like the tool to work for you.

Pre-lien notices for past due accounts has definitely helped us to get the necessary attention from customers to get paid faster.

- Lana Peterson -
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