Customize Your Preferences

It's easy to make zlien work the way you want.

Customize workflows
& transaction preferences.

Lien, notice, and waiver actions involve sensitive decisions that affect your important industry relationships. Creating automated workflows requires trust in a system, because you always have to take only the most appropriate actions. zlien's  tools enable you to create meaningful lien, notice, and waiver policies. You'll have confidence that it's always being done right because you can customize actions to account for the following:

  • Relationship with contacts
  • Branch-by-Branch Preferences
  • Line of Business Nuances
  • Legal Requirements
  • Status quo of A/R and A/P
  • Account history with contacts

Add dynamic custom
messages to all of your forms.

It’s easy to add custom and dynamic messages within your construction forms. A space is preserved on every form for users to place custom messages or information. These messages can contain dynamic project or account data, and can be different for every branch or location.

Set up custom preferences by
Region, Branch, & Line of Business.

You have control to easily create different business segments within zlien, including regions, individual branches, and lines of business. Map preferences, permissions, workflows, and more, to these segments. Not only can you use these segments to set up customized preferences and permissions, but you can also sort, filter, and report on your data based on the segments.

Manage how you use JobSight
with customized preferences.

JobSight is zlien's patent-pending technology and data management process that positions your company to get its critical project data right. Leverage the JobSight technology the way that’s right for your company by establishing custom preferences on how you’d like the tool to work for you.

Multi-user environment
gives users proper access.

zlien is a multi-user platform that gives your entire company access to the information appropriate for their role. Set up permission-based user accounts that limits each user to view their relevant location and line of business segments, and to perform only appropriate actions, such as approving lien waivers or changing company settings.

The added security of preliminary notices and lien rights makes the service invaluable.  

- Vollie Matthews -
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