Calculate & Manage Deadlines

The fast and easy way to control all lien deadlines and requirements.

Fast & Easy calculation
of lien deadlines & requirements

Save time and stop worrying about complex lien and bond requirements. Calculate your lien deadlines, requirements, and exposure with a single click. You'll never dig through piles of lien law resources again, because zlien makes it easy to always know where you stand. We even have a free light version that calculates lien and notice requirements & deadlines.

  • All 50 States
  • Works Instantly
  • All Project Types
  • Import Dates with Integrations

Prioritize your
most valuable deadlines

You have a lot on your plate already. zlien's algorithm prioritizes your most important lien requirements and deadlines first, based on the project's value to your business and other factors. You can view your priorities on your dashboard, and you get a weekly report every Monday morning.

Relax & always know
where your lien rights stand

Are you relying on accounts receivable feeds to calculate your lien and notice deadlines? Save this time and headache, and rely on zlien's platform to show you exactly what is required and when across all projects. Seeing all deadlines at a glance means you'll always be in control.

Use deadlines to drive
your Queue actions.

The rules and deadlines associated with a project is just part of the information relevant to your decision about whether to send a notice, approve a waiver, or file a lien. You can use zlien's powerful deadline tool to drive actions into your zlien Queue™, which makes recommendations to you based on deadlines, company preferences, historical customer performance, and more.

Accuracy in every detail

Lien, notice, and waiver requirements are affected by thousands of complex variations. zlien mapped the Lien Genome™, emphasizing accuracy and integrity in every detail. Your project information is matched against the Lien Genome™'s thousands of variables, providing you with a highly accurate view of your deadlines.

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