Automate Routine Actions

Let zlien do the heavy lifting.

Automation tools as unique as your industry relationships.

Lien, notice, and waiver actions involve sensitive decisions that affect your important industry relationships. Creating automated workflows requires trust in a system, because you always have to take only the most appropriate actions. zlien's tools enable you to automate routine lien & notice actions thoughtfully. You'll have confidence that it's always being done right because our automation tools account for the following:

  • Relationship with contacts
  • Branch-by-branch preferences
  • Account history with contacts
  • Line of Business Nuances
  • Status quo of A/R and A/P
  • Legal Requirements

Data scraping and
cleansing made easy.

Dealing with data is hard and tedious. zlien makes it easy by taking this task off your hands. Our powerful patent pending lien and notice automation tools intelligently merge, cleanse, scrape, cluster, and enhance your data. This gets your data work done fast, and done right, and puts your company in the best position to manage its lien rights and financial exposure.

Keep control when you want control.

zlien's automation tools empower you to completely automate what you want, but to retain control over key decisions. You can set up opt-out automations, which empower you to manually cancel actions before they are processed. In some instances, such as with Texas monthly notice actions, you maintain control until the very last minute.

Lien requirements and deadlines
update dynamically with your data.

Your lien deadlines and requirements are as dynamic and ever-changing as your data. Every new invoice, pay application, and payment impacts lien, notice, and waiver actions. Instead of monitoring and updating this manually, watch this change dynamically and automatically in real time.

Completely automate returned mail

Keeping track of green cards for returned mail is difficult enough, but managing returned and undelivered mail is even more tedious. zlien's platform tracks every undelivered mail piece, and empowers you to completely automate how this mail is managed and any followup mailings.

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