Worked for a company out of town, they are in Oklahoma. Work was done in California. Not sure where lien needs to be filed

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Nate Budde

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Much of the time, questions regarding the mechanics lien process have complex or confusing answers, if they even have an actual answer at all. Luckily, the location in which a lien must be filed is something that has a straight-forward and relatively simple answer.

Since a mechanics lien encumbers the underlying property itself, the location of the property determines where a lien must be filed. The rules and requirements that govern the filing of a lien are the rules and requirements of the state where the property is located, and likewise, liens are to be filed in the county in which the improved property is located.

This means that it doesn't make any difference where the prime contractor or other hiring party is headquartered, and it doesn't matter if the property owner has an address other than the project location. The location for filing a lien is where the work took place.

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